Records Management System

for EMS, Fire and Technical Rescue

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Personnel Management

Ambutrax provides a complete HR management system

Fire Agency

Ambutrax is also being utilized by many fire departments and has the ability to link to other software systems such as Fire House

Technical Rescue Teams

Include the Rescuetraks modules such as special teams, gear and K-9 to provide a full suite of records management software


Integrate Ambutrax with your current in house software or other software suites, such as Image Trend, Integraph, Zoll, to provide a one-stop-shop for all your data needs.

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EMS-Fire-Rescue Management Software
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Ambutrax Features

  • Records Management System designed for EMS / Fire and Technical Rescue Units by Public Safety Professionals.

  • Ambutrax is user friendly.

  • Ambutrax / EpiGate Software, LLC, provides custom technology solutions specific to Emergency Medical Services, Rescue and Fire agencies.

  • Software guaranteed to save both time and money for emergency service providers.

  • It's a simple, easy to use Records Management System.

  • Ambutrax sets itself apart from standard off the shelf management software, which is not created with EMS, Fire or Rescue Agencies in mind.

  • Ambutrax is the #1 choice for EMS/Fire/Rescue agencies. Its low cost make realizing an ROI (return on investment) easy.

  • You already know how to run an efficient EMS, Fire or Rescue agency, but without an effective records management system to track personnel, equipment, Vehicles and time, you may not be maximizing your agency's potential.



Manage personnel information. Addresses, contact numbers, hire dates, work history, promotions, timesheets, injuries, discipline and more....

emsfireFleet Management

Track vehicle maintenance, damage, repairs and fuel consumption. Alerts when vehicle maintenance is due. Custom profiles for each vehicle. Track vehicles and equipment by date, mileage. Print cost reports for each vehicle to show cost incurred and maintenance. Attach documents, receipts and photos to vehicle repairs and damages.


Track supplies, PO numbers, and know when a supply item is at or below the re-order level.

emsfireControlled Substance

Full accountability for your controlled substance medications from the time of receipt until used, destroyed, returned, wasted.

emsfireComplaints Tracking

Track complaints from receipt to disposition. A running status lets you know what the current status is for any open complaints and who has been assigned to handle it.


Equipment accountability, such as date purchased, in service, personnel issued to, condition and maintenance.

emsfireDocument Control

Upload documents to a shared server. Common forms used everyday can be accessed from other connected workstations. Documents can also be attached to a record such as receipts, invoices and photos.


Integrates with your agency's own SOP/SOG's. Find out in seconds the current disposition of disciplinary actions. Find out how many times an employee has been late for shift without opening a file cabinet and sifting through paperwork. Create employee evaluation reports.


Ambutrax allows easy creation, editing and management of your SOG/SOP and protocols. Track revisions and effective dates while maintaining a history of past documents and revisions.


How many hours and how much money is your agency spending on overtime. Which employee is next up for overtime. Identify trends in overtime, such as overtime per hour of day.

emsfireTraining / CEU

Track CEU hours per student/employee and instructors.


Find out which of your employee's need to recert by a given date. What category, and how many hours do they require.

emsfireDynamic Reporting

New! - Create dynamic reports utilizing your own parameters. Most reports can be exported to Excel for further evaluation



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